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The Future Is Already Imagined

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Welcome to the INNOVATION AGE

To innovate is to be human. To be human is to innovate.

Life itself exists because it inherently looks for new, more efficient, different, and diversifying mechanisms to keep moving forward. Life innovates and diversifies. In adopting these core biological principles to how we work as individuals, and adding Darwinian concepts around adaptability of the community, we surely realise that, in order for humans to survive as a group, diversity is inextricably linked to innovation.  Same goes for business; Diversity and Innovation are 2 sides of the same coin...

The Power of the Podcast and the Continuing Relevance of Radio

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The Voice on the Wireless....

As a new podcast producer myself, I take inspiration for the structure, style, culture, and content for these recordings from many places; books, the web, news articles, other podcasts, and the modern traditional radio.

I have always found the sound of the radio a place of comfort and inspiration.  I remember long car journeys when I was a small child and my dad would put the radio on ‘for some background’, I remember crying when certain songs did (or didn’t) make it to the #1 slot on a Sunday (the top 40 countdown on BBC Radio One was on a Sunday arvo).  Radio presenters had a soothing voice, which was all the more interesting when you didn’t quite know what they looked like (before social media)...

Adversity is the Mother of Invention

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Innovation is the answer to uncertainty in 2016

As someone who has been trying to lead new technology and innovation cultural change for a few years now (with varying degrees of success), I have had a lot of interesting meetings which concluded with little action, until something went wrong/changed/got more difficult for those involved. It seems many people are enthusiastic about innovation until they have to change something.  Change can be difficult, and I have seen many examples of when change has been actively resisted; I used the term “inertia of change” recently, and many people in the room nodded enthusiastically.  It appears the brick wall of adversity to disruption and change is a common theme...

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