The Power of the Podcast and the Continuing Relevance of Radio

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The Voice on the Wireless....

As a new podcast producer myself, I take inspiration for the structure, style, culture, and content for these recordings from many places; books, the web, news articles, other podcasts, and the modern traditional radio.

I have always found the sound of the radio a place of comfort and inspiration.  I remember long car journeys when I was a small child and my dad would put the radio on ‘for some background’, I remember crying when certain songs did (or didn’t) make it to the #1 slot on a Sunday (the top 40 countdown on BBC Radio One was on a Sunday arvo).  Radio presenters had a soothing voice, which was all the more interesting when you didn’t quite know what they looked like (before social media)...

My life is peppered with memories around the radio.

A fond memory from first year of university was when I was pulling an all-nighter and I called in a song request on BBC Radio One, and it was played – I also got a really high mark in the statistics exam the next day on absolutely zero sleep.  The force was with me for that moment.

Recently I have been on the ABC Brisbane radio a couple of times, once to talk about my work around innovation and my recent win as Queensland business woman of the year, at the end of 2015.

And then again, more recently, also on ABC Brisbane 612 to talk about me, and my life.It was the first time I have talked about some of these memories for a very long time.  I was also having to play pool at the same time! (and I didn’t pot a single ball).



As I continue my efforts with my own podcast #DrCath I shall continue to take inspiration and watch and learn from these personal Radio Yodas of my very own.

You can subscribe to #DrCath podcast on SoundCloud and on iTunes.

Have you ever been on the radio? Do you subscribe to any podcasts?

I now listen to podcasts all the time, e.g. when I am walking, when cooking or cleaning, when relaxing with a magazine, or even when driving.  It is like the best bits of radio, without the adverts.  It is interesting to see popular radio shows now also turning their regular productions into podcasts.

Next stage for me now is video production as well as podcasts. It is funny how I am relying on my iPad and iMovie, Pamela, Skype, and Audacity for all my productions. Free software.  

These methods of content production were out of reach for most people for such a long time, it is great we get to put our voices out there for anyone interested to be able to listen!

Do you create a podcast?

If you are a scientist or innovator and would like to be interviewed for a #DrCath Podcast, please get in touch; you can connect with me on Twitter.


Catherine aka #DrCath

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